Freedom to do as you choose

Take control of your destiny today, plan to live the lifestyle you choose. Contact Carte Blanche to understand what financial freedom means for you and how to get there.

Focus on Your Goals

Carte Blanche helps to quantify your life goals in terms of financial needs. Life is not about money but money is needed in just about every aspect of life. Everyone has desires, your lifestyle is unique and Carte Blanche will work with you to define the financial needs of your goals taking into account inflation, economic cycles and your stage of life. Each stage of life is different for a young couple the goal can be buying a home for a retiree the goal can be sustaining the retirement nest egg in the face of inflation or preserving wealth to leave to loved ones. Carte Blanche can help in your specific scenario. Define clear goals so you can plan and invest with a purpose. Contact Carte Blanche to make sure you are on the right track.


Our Approach


Mutual Funds

Mutual funds form the foundation in self-funded retirement schemes around the world including HK’s MPF for a reason - They offer the optimal balance of profit, diversification and growth relative to the risks involved.

Build a strong foundation

The same reason that all self funded retirement schemes choose mutual funds as the foundation you should build a strong base on mutual funds. Carte Blanche works with fund platforms and insurance companies to help you find the best product for your needs. With over 1,800 mutual funds and unit trusts registered with the SFC, Carte Blanche will help you select the right funds based on economic outlook and risk tolerance and help you manage risks by using asset allocation to hedge against key risks in your financial goals.

Real Estate

The saying “safe as bricks” is often used to describe real estate investments - Reason is that it is a natural hedge against inflation, and in times where governments around the world are injecting money into the economy real estate becomes a key part of a portfolio.

Safe as bricks

Real estate investments are a leveraged investment meaning that a small amount of capital can be used to leverage significant gains on the property price. Carte Blanche provides insight to the the most promising markets based on fundamental economic indicators and then selects top developments providing yield and capital appreciation potential. Carte Blanche provides turnkey service from mortgage application, legal representation and property letting services, making it easy for you.


Insurance products are complicated by a lot of smoke and mirrors but in a nutshell insurance is about protection and savings. Insurance products can be used for a myriad of purposes including locking in profits hedged against inflation to wealth distribution and estate planning.

Provide certainty

Carte Blanche helps you structure insurance products to achieve specific needs including leveraged insurance. For protection Carte Blanche will help you quantify your protection needs based on your circumstances and assumptions on external factors and reassesses this as your circumstances change. Carte Blanche works with products from many major insurance companies in Hong Kong and offshore to provide innovative solutions to efficiently transfer risk and to protect wealth against inflation.

About Us

Carte Blanche was founded by Thomas Cheung after looking for more from financial planning services offered by banks, insurance companies and independent financial advisories in Hong Kong.

After the financial crisis legislation has been tightened to the point where most people selling financial products cannot provide advice to manage them leaving clients stranded with a long-term product with no follow up.

With a passion for investment and experience in global real estate, in New York, China and Hong Kong as well as first hand experinece in the ups and downs of stocks, derivatives and alternative investments including wine and taxis Carte Blanche was formed to serve those looking at a long term horizon.

The word Carte Blanche entered the English language as a French loan word in the mid-17th century. A highly fashionable game of the time was piquet, in which a carte blanche was a hand having no face cards. By the 18th century, the meaning had expanded to include blank pieces of paper upon which someone signed his name, trusting a second party to come up with the stipulations of a deal. This idea of signing a yet-unwritten contract and handing over authority to the other party led us to the sense most familiar to speakers of modern-day English. Nowadays, if someone has been given carte blanche, it means that they are free to do or say whatever they please.

Carte Blanche was founded to help you achieve the freedom to live the lifestyle you choose. Our dreams are often limited by our finances. Carte Blanche is here to help you achieve freedom in this respect.